Clump, a Changelings Story by Lynette Creswell @creswelllyn | @kurtsprings1 #review #fantasy

24000533Author: Lynette Creswell

Book: Clump, A Changelings Story

Published: December 2014

Publisher: Amazon Digital Services, LLC

Genre: Fantasy

Source: ebook






Rating: Print


The Windigos of the Red Canyon are formidable, dangerous creatures. They are monsters by day and timber wolves by night. They survive on flesh and especially enjoy the flesh of immortals. Then there’s Clump. Clump is the son of his tribe’s chief, Serpen, and Clump is the kid who doesn’t fit in. Clump is the Red Canyon’s only vegetarian Windigo.

After striking a bargin with a witch to save a member of the tribe, Clump is accused of treason by his father and forced to flee the village. He survives with the aid of a Plainwlaker. Then the witch needs him to help an Elvin princess to release the Fourth Mage.

Clump and his friends find unexpected friendships and love in unlikely places, while facing the wrath of Serpen’s vengeance.


Lynette Creswell has set the story in the world of her Magic Trilogy. It is a story of monsters told through from the monsters’ point of view. The hero of the story is Clump, a Windigo who was cursed at birth to be sickened by the taste of meat. Upon being accused of treason by his father, Clump is sent on a quest to help the Elvin princess Crystal. The action scenes are sharp and brief. The story line holds together very well, though it drags at times. The dialog seemed geared more to a younger audience. Still, it is a heart warming tale of friendship, love, and loyalty.


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