The Clock Winked by Ariele Sieling @arielesieling | @kurtsprings1 #review #sciencefiction

17852850Author: Ariele Sieling

Book: The Clock Winked (The Sagittan Chronicles #2)

Published: March 2013


Genre: Science Fiction

Source: paperback





Rating: Print


Being a book seller isn’t easy in Pomegranate City. Auvek Oliphant was just supposed to be interning with his uncle, William Oliphant XXXIV at William Oliphant, Bookseller. After a mad outburst by his uncle, Auvek finds himself running the bookstore. A series of strange events leads Auvek and his new friends to try to solve the generations old mystery of a winking clock. Auvek and his friends Bronwyn, Salve, and a robot monkey named Simon find themselves drawn into a gang war. It is a war that can only be stopped by resetting the clock.

Also on the trail are Quin and John from the first novel of the Sagittn Chronicles novel, The Wounded World.


Like The Wounded World, The Clock Winked is an entertaining though cerebral story. Quin Black and his friend John are back, but they are more supporting characters. The ideas for the universe Ariele Sieling created are interesting. The humorous elements are still extant. There are more characters, and Ariele Sieling tends to jump from point of view to point of view. This is problematic since Auvek seems to only nominally be the protagonist. As with The Wounded World, there is still and element of un-seriousness in the story. So the series has not evolved into a page turner, but is still entertaining.


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