Press Gang! by Donny Savoie @donnysavoie | @kurtsprings1 #review #militarysciencefiction

22011907Author: Donny Savoie

Book: Press Gang!

Published: April 2014

Publisher: BookBaby

Genre: Science Fiction

Source: eBook






Rating: Print


Killian Connacher of New Dublin has begun his journey from civilian student to battle hardened marine. Taken by a press gang, he has been impressed into the service of the Royal Marines on the HMSS Rubicon. The punishment of minor offenses is flogging. In the harsh, brutal environment aboard the Rubicon, a recruit must be a fast learner. Along the way, there is time for football in battle armor, rescuing the Rubicon’s captain, and life’s hard lessons.

As the HMSS Rubicon begins to leave system, she is lured into a trap. A trap that will propel Killian Connacher into his first major battle to destroy the vicious rebel Consortium. To complicate matters, the Imperial forces discover that the Consortium has access to alien technology that could just provide to be a game changer.


In Press Gang!, Donny Savoie mixes futuristic, military science fiction with the old wooden navy of the Eighteenth and Nineteenth Centuries. The ships achieve faster than light travel through sails that catch the galactic winds and waves of dark energy. This proves to be an interesting mix. However, the author uses some military terms without a conjoining explanation that can be distracting. He also doesn’t seem to have full control over shifting perspectives between people.

Taken together, Press Gang! is an exciting novel, full of hard hitting military action, and the close, personal relationships you would expect with people who face life and death together.


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