Perceptional Threshold by Casper Parks @CasperParks | @kurtsprings1 #review #sciencefiction #christian


Author: Casper Parks

Book: Perceptional Threshold

Published: March 2011

Publisher: Createspace

Genre: Science Fiction

Source: ebook





Rating: Print


Professor Andrew Hueser enlists his younger brother and four other students in a special project. He is keeping the school board and authorities in the dark to the true nature of his discovery. He has found alien technology, or so he thinks. He expects to open a doorway to another world. What it is proves to be much more dangerous. Upon stepping through the Door of Light, he and his students are transformed into a ghostlike state. When they set out to explore Hollywood from this new existence, they find themselves confronted by Fallen Angels who have been imprisoned here.

Now Andrew and his students are on the run. They are trying to get back to the Door of Light alive so they can close it and prevent a prison break that will be more dangerous than anything humanity has experienced before. As they do, they find themselves engaged in an ancient war.


Casper Parks began with an intriguing premise. Angles, aliens, and Fallen Angles fighting a war that rages in a place that is close enough to touch. It is also a place you could walk toward for centuries and be still be just as far away from. A ghostlike prison that exists on our world but can only be crossed into through a “Door of Light.”

The execution was problematic. The story needs some serious editing as there are typos and grammar errors that the reader will be constantly stubbing their toes on. The author attempt to create an ancient mood through language. The result is that the conversations become confusing. What should be “on-the-edge-of-your-seat” action becomes bogged down. A potential page turner is easy to put down and hard to return to. As a result, the reader wants to like the story and wants this to be a page turner, adding to the frustration.


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