The Phoenix Ring by Alexander Brockman @kurtsprings1 #review #highfantasy

27994949Author: Alexander Brockman

Book: The Phoenix Ring (The Thunderheart Chronicles #1)

Published: November 2015

Publisher: Alexander Brockman

Genre: Fantasy

Source: eBook





Rating: Print


Aidan Rune has lived at the orphanage run by his single mother most of his life. He dreams of becoming a king’s ranger like his dead father. Then, his mother reveals a truth that turns that dream upside down. Angry that he has been living a lie, he heads for Allenna to try to enter the rangers. However, that was not the legacy his father had left for him. Aidan is instead drawn into the king’s sorcerers where he must begin training. Yet all is not well. Since the great war, the land has been at peace. Now treachery is stirring right in the heart of Fort Phoenix. Aidan and his classmates are thrown right into the thick of it when the fort is attacked by dragons. Worst still, there is a traitor in their midst.

Now Aidan and his best friend must go on a journey to prepare their allies for war. Unfortunately their journey has not gone unnoticed by the enemy. Aidan must learn to use his powers, for the battle is upon him.


Alexander Brockman’s The Phoenix Ring is the first book of The Thunderheart Chronicles. It is a classic coming of age story. Aidan Rune’s childhood dream of becoming a ranger is shattered by the truth that his talent is in magic. He is also heir to the Phoenix Ring that once belonged to the legendary hero, Marcus Thunderheart. However, the ring is more than it seems. Before he can reconcile himself to the change in plans, the kingdom’s enemies are once more on the move.

The Phoenix Ring is a faced paced story. The author doesn’t bog the story down in explanations of the magic system. The characters are sympathetic, and audience will come to care about them. The one drawback is the lack of clear scene-breaks which can make the story a little confusing. I’m looking forward to the next installment.

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