Birth by Fire’s Embrace by Ashleigh Galvin @Ashleigh_Galvin | @kurtsprings1 #review #fantasy

18147758Author: Ashleigh Galvin

Book: Birth by Fire’s Embrace (The Amethyst Series #1)

Published: June 2013

Publisher: Spectacle Publishing Media Group, LLC.

Genre: Fantasy

Source: eBook



Rating: Print


Sharrlette Moore is a nineteen-year-old girl living just outside an Australian forest with her father, Greg. Her mother died when she was young. She likes fantasy novels and is preparing for a life of acting. She works in the city, has friends, and a boyfriend. Her whole life is upended when her father’s friend, Billeaphrim, Billea for short, comes to stay with them. Billea is nothing short of rude. As time goes on, Shar begins to suspect there is more going on than Billea and her father are letting on.

When the truth arrives, it hits hard and fast, shattering her illusions. Exposing Shar to Billea’s mortal enemy, the battle takes from her the man she always called father. Billea and her parents came from another dimension where magic is far stronger that it is on Earth. Billea is looking for a powerful source of magic that can turn the tide of war on his world. He never expected to find it in Sharrlette. Sharrlette is forced to rely on her untrained powers and a man she doesn’t quite trust to keep her alive until she and Billea can return to his realm.


Some formulas never get stale. There is always something compelling about coming of age stories. Ashleigh Galvin kept this formula fresh. Sharrlette is a starry eyed young girl who is planning out her life. In a flash, the appearance of her father’s old friend begins as a mere disruption. Then she learns that she was adopted, turning her world upside down. In this adversity, her life takes a drastic turn that will test her to her very limits.

Ashleigh Galvin has written a compelling story of magic and courage. It’s easy to care about the characters, and the action is easy to visualize. I’m looking forward to seeing how The Amethyst Series develops.

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