Revenge! by Charles Whiting @kurtsprings1 #review #thriller #historicalfiction

27878782Author: Charles Whiting

Book: Revenge! (AN S.A.S. Thriller)

Published: November 2015

Publisher: Endeavour Press

Genre: Historical Thriller

Source: ARC





Rating: Print

Note: The ARC was provided by Endeavour Press for an honest review


The ending of a war can be as traumatic as its beginning. World War II was over. Germany is broken into zones of occupation. Former Nazis are forming into the “werewolves” to terrorize Germans who are helping the Allies. Winston Churchill’s government has fallen, replaced by the Socialist Party. One group hit hard is the Special Air Service (S. A. S.). With the war over, the British Army brass is eager to reabsorb the elite troops into the regulars, disbanding S. A. S. units.

Major Rory O’Sullivan’s unit isn’t ready for decommissioning yet. With the help of Winston Churchhill, they have one job left to do. Find a Nazi war criminal who was responsible for the torture of S. A. S. soldiers: Dr. Barsch. For Major O’Sullivan and his men, this is personal.

Meanwhile, the SS organization called “The Spider” is operating in General George S. Patton’s zone of occupation. “The Spider” is planning to smuggle millions in gold and greenbacks out of occupied Germany. Major O’Sullivan and his men now have to prevent the rise of a Forth Reich, as well as take revenge on Dr. Barsch.


Charles Whiting has written a tough, gritty story about the post war adventures of the S. A. S. Revenge! paints a picture of the struggle in post war Germany. German people are desperate and defeated. Most Allied soldiers are unsympathetic. Powerful men, Allied and former SS, attempt to carve out little fiefdoms. Rory O’Sullivan and his men are on a mission and must not only contend with former Nazis, but former allies as well. The book blends historical events, fictitious scenarios, intrigue, and action into an exciting and intriguing novella.


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