Moirae by Mehreen Ahmed @MehreenAhmed2 | @kurtsprings1 #review #streamofconcious

26803385Author: Mehreen Ahmed

Book: Moirae

Published: June 2015

Publisher: Create Space

Genre: Fantasy

Source: eBook






Rating: Print


On a world that has two moons orbiting it, there is a land called the Lost Winds. It resembles the Middle East in many ways. People in the Lost Winds live under a tyrannical regime though it claims to be democratic. When things become intolerable, they flee to a place called Draviland. In both lands, dramas are played out.


I think I can safely say that the stream of conscious style doesn’t work for me. The subject matter of people living under an oppressive regime and escaping to a land that doesn’t really want them is appropriate for the times we live in. Unfortunately, I found Moirae difficult to make sense of. It doesn’t follow a conventional plot, and the constant shifting of point of view was distracting. The most frustrating part of all is that all the elements for a truly interesting story were present. These include escaping or surviving in a land where the powerful rule through thugs, lovers separated by necessity, and surviving in a strange land. More dialogue and less exposition would have injected a level of immediacy that could have made Moirae a page turner.

All that being said, keep in mind that the reviewer usually gravitates more toward action-adventure. The more metaphysically minded may find Moirae’s stream of conscious style more to their liking.


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