Awakening by Andi O’Connor @OConnorAndi | @kurtsprings1 #review #highfantasy #dragons

18619015Author: Andi O’Connor

Book: Awakening (The Dragonath Chronicles #2)

Published: February 2015

Publisher: Purple Sun Press

Genre: Fantasy

Source: Paperback





Rating: Print


Darrak’s continues his adventures on Dragonath. He is rescued by his friends from the Dréyan raiders who held him prisoner. Now free, he continues on his quest to save Earth and the purple sunned Dragonath from black magic known as Halla. The addition of a dragon who pledges her service to Darrak should have been a boost to moral, but dragons aren’t trusted. Here, Darrak learns the limits of peoples oaths to protect him. Two of his friends desert him.

Meanwhile, the traitorous Mionee has come to regret her decisions. She has been rendered powerless by the tyrannical Garenth. When Garenth summons the evil Payton Niemel from the dark underworld, she is given a Hobson’s choice: let Garenth kill her and her unborn child, or kill Garenth and become Niemel’s servant.


Awakening is the second book of The Dragonath Chronicles. Written in the style of classic high fantasy, Andi O’Connor’s writing style has greatly matured. Dialogue is much smoother, and she handles the subplots with great skill. Just as impressive is the evolution of her characters. All of them are facing their demons and are growing stronger. One is almost immediately drawn to Mionee Un’Meldé. A traitor in The Lost Heir, she becomes sympathetic as she realizes what she has unleashed and, for all her power, can’t stop it. Darrak is coming to grips with his own powers and his place in this new world.

Awakening will be a great read for lovers of high fantasy, with a well developed magic and well thought out world building.

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