The Nibelung Gold by Koos Verkaik @kurtsprings1 #review #fantasy


Author: Koos Verkaik

Book: The Nibelung Gold

Published: February 2014

Publisher: Whiskey Creek Press, LLC

Genre: Fantasy

Source: ebook

Rating: Print

Note: This book was given to the reviewer in exchange for an honest review


As the nineteenth century draws to a close, the well-to-do of Europe have gained a great interest in the occult. Mediums speak with the dead in darkened rooms. Into this world steps a rich young man named Wolf. From his home in Amsterdam, he hunts the truth behind theses events until satisfied, or he finds the hidden wires. When his mentor, Jacob van Beek, is murdered through arcane means, Wolf sets out to find his killer.

With faithful companions, he travels across Europe, searching for the mysterious and beautiful Were Keller. He also searches for clues to his friend’s death. Along the way he comes up against a mysterious collective of magicians, and strange tales of the mythical Nibelung Gold.   


Koos Verkaik has mixed ancient Germanic mythology with fantasy set in nineteenth century Europe. It follows the story of a man named Wolf. He does more than dabble in the arcane. Koos Verkaik shows a good grasp on Germanic Mythology. The style of writing gives the story a Sherlock Holmes feel and made for interesting reading. The narration becomes a bit complex and may not be for an impatient reader.


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