The Test by B. A. Sherman @BAsherman | @kurtsprings1 #review #thriller

25232777Author: B. A. Sherman

Book: The Test (Greg Dorn)

Published: May 2015

Publisher: CreateSpace

Genre: Psychological Thriller

Source: eBook

Rating: Print

Note: This book was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.


We first meet Greg Dorn in a hospital room where he is being injected with some sort of chemical. In the next scene, Greg is living in the small town of Parsons, Kansas. He is devastated when his mother and sister are killed in a car accident caused by an escaped mental patient. It is a wound that never truly heals. He is inspired to become a cop and marries his childhood sweetheart. Then he moves his family to Denver. It starts slowly, bursts of anger with no real explanation. Then he starts to hear a voice. Deep within him, something is growing stronger.

The voice is in control. His world grows darker as he becomes a prisoner in his own body. A body that is compelled to kill.


What would happen if your life wasn’t what you thought it was? The Test is the story of Greg Dorn, a cop motivated by the tragic loss of his mother and sister. The story is mostly in the first person with a third person shift of point of view to Detective Ryan who is working a serial killer case. Yet this is more that a detective chasing a cop turned serial killer. In many respects, they are fighting the same enemy though they don’t realize it. There are many twists and turns, surprising the reader at every turn. And yet, all is not as it seems.


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