Dangerous Magic by Jessica Lauryn @JessicaLauryn_ | @kurtsprings1 #review #romance #urbanfantasy

25074004Author: Jessica Lauryn

Book: Dangerous Magic (The Pinnacles of Power #5)

Published: March 2015

Publisher: Siren BookStrand

Genre: Fantasy, Romance

Source: eBook

Rating: Print


Corinne Johnson had her world turned upside down years ago when she discovered her husband was not who she thought he was. Her husband, Brent Lombardi, had papers Corinne wasn’t supposed to see. This leads her to believe that he was involved in something illegal. Using his influence, Brent took her precious children from her. Now she is prepared to give into his demand that she remarry him just to have her children back into her life. Then she dreams that she kisses her one time coworker, Jack Madera, and her plans go up in smoke. Jack is a sexy mysterious man who follows the Wiccan religion.

Jack Madera has returned to North Conway to learn the identity of his biological father. This is also the town in which his old coworker, Corinne, works. Drawn to the woman with which he shares a deep connection, he decides to cast a spell that leads to unintended consequences.


This book is technically a romance, but it has the casting of spells such a fire and levitation. Thus, it can also fall into the realm of urban fantasy. This is Jessica Lauryn’s fifth book in her series The Pinnacles of Power, where heroines fall for dangerous men. This is the case with Corinne and Jack. Though not an expert in Romance, this book has the main element: two people so different that they are unlikely to fall in love. Like in book #4, Dangerous Ally, the hero and heroine are complex individuals who are trying to sort through the lies around them. This includes the lies they wove themselves. There is also enough magic to put the book firmly into the realm of fantasy.

There are tie into previous books, though this book easily stands alone.


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