Hammerhead by Thomas Black @thethomasblack | @kurtsprings1 #review #thriller

25713690Author: Thomas Black

Book: Hammerhead (Dead on Arrival #2)

Published: June 2015

Publisher: Endeavour Press

Genre: Thriller

Source: pdf

Rating: Print

Disclosure: Please note that this book was given to the reviewer in exchange for an honest review.


Welcome to the world of Mark Foster, passport controller, veteran of the British Army, and serial killer. According to his beliefs, people fall into two categories: murderers and victims. He has no desire to be a victim. When high stakes venture capitalist Mark “the Shark” Allingham makes the mistake of being rude to Mr. Foster, he makes him self the next victim.

Mark Foster scouts his prey before he preparers to strike and finds that the Shark is irredeemable. Filthy rich with no concern for how he gets his wealth or who he hurts along the way, from people who work for the businesses he destroys to the girls he strings along. However, Shark Allingham’s sins go deeper than Mark Foster realizes. He finds himself rubbing shoulders with investigators from the Financial Services Authority who are investigating the Shark for his crocked dealings. Mr. Foster must get to his quarry without the authorities catching him.


I was concerned when I first picked up this book that it was only seventy pages. My fears proved unfounded as a dark and hilarious tale unfolded. The book is written in the first person, from the point of view of Mark Foster. As an anti-hero, Mark Foster is a fun character. He has this regular-guy appeal while at the same time being ruthless. As he stakes out his foe, he as several near misses and setbacks, despite his skill. While short, this thriller is quite satisfying and very entertaining.


2 thoughts on “Hammerhead by Thomas Black @thethomasblack | @kurtsprings1 #review #thriller

  1. I thought your comment about the book being short is interesting. There seems to be a trend to shorter novels. I’ve heard that this is because more people are reading on phones and tablets and the shorter books fits the quick lifestyle. Imajin Books in Canada publishes novels called Qwickies that captures this type of book.

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  2. My concern was invoked because I’ve picked up a few short works where it turned out the author was publishing a synopsis for a novel. There was no dialogue, no character development. They took years long quests and compiled them into 35 pages. They may have been interesting if the author had expanded on them. Happily, Hammerhead was short but packed a lot of punch.

    I think 70 pages qualifies as a novelette. Any way. It was good.

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