Spyrits by R. J. Newbould @kurtsprings1 #review #slipstream

25588127Author: R. J. Newbould

Book: Spyrits

Published: May 2015

Publisher: Eperj Inc.

Genre: Slipstream

Source: eBook

Rating: Print


David has been seeing things he can’t explain. His psychologist introduces him to Dr. Niklas Gruber. Niklas’s explanation is unbelievable, even when confronted with the proof. Niklas was David’s father in a past life. He was given a formula that expanded the power of his spirit, allowing him see things from alternate realities. Niklas Gruber offers David and Tanya (the love of David’s life) the ability to expand these powers further.

However, there is danger. There are organizations that would love to have David and Tanya’s investigative abilities at their disposal. Others would kill them to get at the source of their powers.


R. J. Newbould has put together an interesting story that combines science fiction, the paranormal, and a small bit of fantasy. His protagonists, David and Tanya, have abilities to walk outside their bodies (astral projection). This helps them locate killers that are seeking the source of their power.

While creative, the one thing the author didn’t do is place serious challenges to using this power. They were told to avoid drinking alcohol. Being tricked into drinking a spiked drink could have upped the tensions. They could have also been forced to confront their foes on the astral plane. The result is that the crises are somewhat unsatisfying. All the elements are there, and it will be interesting to see if the author challenges the protagonists in a more significant fashion.


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