The Rise of the Queen by Aoife Maria Sheridan @aoifesheri | @kurtsprings1 #review #fantasy #epic

17853229Author: Aoife Marie Sheridan

Book: The Rise of the Queen (Saskia Trilogy #3)

Published: June 2015

Publisher: Synerge Books

Genre: Fantasy

Source: eBook

Rating: Print


This is the last book in Aoife Marie Sheridan’s Saskia Trilogy. Sarajane has been separated from her friends, especially Tristan, her beloved. She is moving toward the capital city of Saskia to defeat the fallen angle Lucian. Her battle with Lucian’s forces has cost her friends, including her beloved sister Jessica. Now it is time to finish the fight. Her journey pits her against mysterious, deadly creatures called Forsaken, zombies, and demons. At the same time, she finds new friends to help her.

Meanwhile, her friends search desperately for her. Tristan and Verona are at each others throats. Their problems are complicated by the appearance of the treacherous Prudentia who seems to have an agenda of her own. Treachery and grief meet Sarajane at every turn. Even if she makes it to Saskia, stopping Lucian may cost her life.


This is the final installment of the Saskia Trilogy. Final novels are notoriously difficult, as the author may begin to rush as they reach the end. Aoife Marie Sheridan shows remarkable discipline by challenging her protagonist. Sarajane must deal with enemies, issues among friends, and a final life or death struggle. The dialogue was good, and the action was believable. The relationships were developed over the course of the first two books and continued to develop. The story maintains a Christian theme to it, though it isn’t overwhelming. Anyone who enjoyed the first two books will enjoy The Rise of the Queen. I would recommend the Saskia trilogy to anyone who like fantasy.


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