The Crown of Yensupov by C. Craig Coleman @kiousfedra | @kurtsprings1 #review #highfantasy #epic

23964148Author: C. Craig Coleman

Book: The Crown of Yensupov (Neuyokkasinian Ark of Empire Series: Book 3)

Published: December 2014

Publisher: Amazon Digital Services

Genre: Fantasy

Source: eBook

Rating: Print


Prince Saxthor and his companions have come through many dangers and are still in the thick of things. He and his companions must sneak across Dreaddrac to find the last jewels to complete the legendary crown of Yensupov. To make matters worse, the Dark Lord has pieced together Saxthor’s trail and mission. The Dark Lord sets forces both powerful and discreet to stop them. The witch Earwig is still about. However, she seems to have been reduced to comic relief, though it would be dangerous to underestimate her.


C. Craig Coleman’s story telling is definitely getting better. The tale of Prince Saxthor has moved out of the coming of age stage and seeing him becoming a leader and warrior in his own right. Dialogue has improved since The Crystal Legacy. The story telling is still solid. The series is a definite must for lovers of high fantasy.


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