Dragon in Exile by Sharon Lee & Steve Miller @kurtsprings1 #review #sciencefiction #spacewestern

23492519Author: Sharon Lee & Steve Miller

Book: Dragon in Exile (Liaden Universe Publication Order #18)

Published: June 2015

Publisher: Baen Publishing Enterprises

Genre: Science Fiction

Source: Hardcover

Rating: Print


Clan Korval has been convicted of crimes against the homeworld. The crime was firing on the homeworld to eliminate real internal threats to the homeworld. Now the Clan Korval’s enemies want to see them destroyed. However, their allies conspire to impose exile.

Clan Korval, also know as the Tree-and-Dragon clan, has set up shop on the world of Surebleak. The clan is under contract to keep the Port Road open to all traffic. They have also agreed back the New Bosses in imposing law and order on a society run by a criminal syndicate. The syndicate wants their power back. Adding to the complications, their enemy has survived.  Most of the clan’s trading partners are spooked. With allies growing scare, the clan will have to make some hard choices.


I picked up Dragon in Exile at a book signing at the Toadstool Bookstore in Milford, NH. I will be honest: I should have started with an earlier novel in the series rather than jump into the latest release. Sharon Lee and Steve Miller have woven together a complex saga.

In this book we see a space faring family of traders who have taken up residence on a world run by a mafia type syndicate. The syndicate’s activities including murder, extortion, and destroying the livelihood of anyone who doesn’t pay. The clan seems to have made many enemies in the past including a dark power that brainwashes people into being their agents.

While it’s easy to see why Sharon Lee and Steve Miller have a huge following, I found the writing style hard to get used to. Again, I concede that this may be that I allowed myself to be dropped into a story without enough background to fully appreciate it. Fans of the Liaden series will be please. If you aren’t familiar with the series, I suggest you start with an earlier book.


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