The Mighty First Episode 3: Sorrow of Enon Pass by Mark Bordner @mark_bordner | @kurtsprings1 #review #sciencefiction #military

25227429Author: Mark Bordner

Book: The Mighty First Episode 3: Sorrow of Enon Pass

Published: March 2015

Publisher: Create Space

Genre: Science Fiction

Source: Paperback

Rating: Print


The battle against the Storians for central North America continues with the third installment of the The Mighty First saga. The First Global Marine Division has been hurled into the thick of the battle for Ohio. Yet Emperor Grozet is not giving up without a fight. He strikes hard at Earth’s defenses in general and at Minerva in particular, leaving her struggling with demons of her own. Someone tried to kill her father, and Mark, her husband, has been listed as killed in action. She is grief stricken and angry as the war both rages around her and within her.


Mark Bordner continues the saga of the First Global Marine Division in The Mighty First Episode 3: Sorrow of Enon Pass. Gears shift in this part of the story, and we see the toll the war is taking on the people. The emotional impacts fall hard and fast on Master Sergeant Minerva Carreno—an attempted on the life of her parents and seemingly loosing her husband in battle are heaped on top of an intense battlefield situation with an enemy pulling out all the stops to regain the initiative.

In this book, the author shows us the brutal toll that war takes on the soldier as it grows more and more desperate. Mark Bordner captures the intrigue of black operations without getting bogged down in the technical details any more than is necessary. At the same time the action is harder and faster, while the rests are darker and more grief stricken.


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