Godhead by Greg McLeod @kurtsprings1 #review #fantasy

24559496Author: Greg McLeod

Book: Godhead (Book I of the Aldariad)

Published: January 2015

Publisher: Vereldan

Genre: Fantasy

Source: eBook



The story opens with two friends hunting and one disappears. On the world of Vereld, a dark god is rising. A prophesy names three redeemers that stand between life and destruction of two worlds. On Earth, powerful men have discovered the link to Vereld and seek to conquer it. Across Vereld and Earth, powers are moving their pieces into place.


The story Greg McLeod is attempting to write is an interesting one. He has all the elements in place: interesting characters, exciting action, memorable dialog. It comes very close to becoming an engrossing story. Unfortunately it’s very depth seems to be its undoing. There are many elements to this story such as a physician who carries an autistic savant’s prophecy, gates to another world, dark servants hunting a female heir, even a female demon who appears ready to switch sides. Godhead’s overwhelming weakness is there are too many subplots. Just as one part of the story is coming together, the reader is jerked out of one place and put in another. It doesn’t start to pull together until the end, and I fear many readers would have lost patience long before then.

That being said, I would be interested to see how Greg McLeod treats Book II of the Aldariad. Now that all the pieces are on the board, it may hold together better, and his obvious talent may be able to shine through.


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