The Dark Wing by Walter H. Hunt @kurtsprings1 #sciencefiction #military


Author: Walter H. Hunt

Book: The Dark Wing (The Dark Wing Series #1)

Published: September 2012

Publisher: Fantastic Books

Genre: Science Fiction

Source: Paperback



It is the 24th Century, and humanity is ruled by a galactic empire. They are currently at war with the birdlike Zor. Since their first meeting, the Zor have found humanity to be an affront to their religious beliefs. Conflict has been sporadic for sixty years, with many treaties being signed that the Zor have no intention of keeping. The latest incursion has brought a controversial scholar named Ivan Hector Charles Marais out retirement and placed him in charge of the Imperial Fleet.

Admiral Marais has spent his life studying the Zor and feels he knows how to deal with them. He presents himself as the Dark Wing, a figure in Zor mythology, destined to exterminate the Zor. How far must Admiral Marais go to end the threat to humanity. Will his civilized but corrupt government, horrified by his methods, stop him before he goes too far—or before he can go far enough to prevent humanity from being destroyed. Is there more at play than either humanity or the Zor realize.


In the The Dark Wing, Walter H. Hunt presents the reader with and interesting dilemma, one that resonates with the conflicts of the modern world, where the war weary populace must confront an enemy bent on destroying them, and politicians have no stomach for ugly solutions. While his own people call him a butcher, Admiral Marais is a man making decisions that could mean life or death for two civilizations. His one hope at winning his enemies respect is to become The Dark Wing, the mythical destroyer of Zor religion. Walter H. Hunt presents the reader with the humanity of a person making inhumane decisions. The action in the book was exciting while the philosophy is thought provoking. It does get a little preachy toward the end, but the overall experience is enjoyable.

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