The Black Fairy and the Dragonfly: Two Book Edition by Paul G. Day @paulgday | @kurtsprings1 #youngadult #fantasy


Author: Paul G. Day

Book: The Black Fairy and the Dragonfly: Two Book Edition

Published: June 2014

Publisher: Brave Bear Books

Genre: Fantasy

Source: PDF



Lilly is a very rare fairy. She is born a black fairy with black skin and white hair. She is unusual and different. This frightens the fairy elders. They refuse her a name and her parents leave fairy society with her. When her parents die, she is left an outcast. Although lonely, without fairy friends, she is not without friends. She is befriended by most of the creatures of the forest, especially dragonflies. When the fairies disappear, Lilly sets out on quest with her dragonfly friends to find them and finders herself face to face with the Dark Queen of Charms.

Once Lilly escapes the Dark queen, she visits the King of Frogs and Queen of Grasshoppers. She seeks the mystical people who live with the crystal sphere she remembers from dreams. However, the Dark Queen of Charms has recovered from her defeat and wants revenge. The conflict will require cunning, strength, and some help from her friends.


This is two story rolled into one: Search for the Lost Fairies and Escape from the Dark Queen of Charms. Paul G. Day has written and interesting fantasy story. It is listed for a young adult audience, and the themes and action suggest this is the right category. My primary criticism would be the lack of dialogue. Much of the story is exposition, meaning mostly description, and what dialogue there is is often almost childlike with tendency to being repetitive and singsongy.

Lilly is an intriguing heroine. As a black fairy, she is an outcast, but when captured by the Dark Queen of Charms, her fist instinct, the instinct she follows, is to save them. This tale has the elements of a coming of age story as Lilly must grow into her powers.

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