Sins of the Father by Christopher Kellen @Eisengoth | @kurtsprings1 #review #sciencefiction #military


Author: Christopher Kellen

Book: Sins of the Father (The Syndicate Wars #1)

Published: January 2013

Publisher: Eisengoth Independent Books

Genre: Science Fiction

Source: Paperback



Commander Trace Atherton had been a promising commander of a light cruiser squadron for the Kildare Syndicate Defense Force. Now she is a prisoner on a prison world that isn’t supposed to exist, sent there by her own father—First Minister of the Kildare Syndicate. However, her father’s grip on power—and his own sanity—is slipping. When two friends realize that he is preparing to sentence millions of people to death to hold on to power, the break Trace free from and begin a mad rush to stop her father.

Yet her father isn’t her only enemy. She must also battle her inner demons, brought on by seven years of imprisonment and guilt at the loss of most of her crew when she tried to stop her father before.


Commander Trace Atherton is a hero trying to recover from the damage done by her father’s betrayal and the fact that she survived when 95% of her crew KSDF Renaissance had died seven years before. This creates a protagonist with many layers. The action is well paced and gives a vivid depiction of space combat. The antagonists are less well developed and seem to have less depth. However, this does not detract from the overall excitement. I look forward to the next installment of The Syndicate Wars.


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