The Fifth Vertex by Kevin Hoffman @ksmusings | @kurtsprings1 #review #slipstream


Author: Kevin Hoffman

Book: The Fifth Vertex (Sigilord Chronicles Book 1)

Published: August 2014

Genre: Slipstream

Source: Paperback



Urus Noellor is a deaf young man who was born to a race of warriors. Worse, he doesn’t feel the killer instinct his people demand. On the verge of being branded as a burden, he attempts to end his life, but is thwarted by magic thought to have died thousands of years before. Then a stranger appears in their city looking for something called a Vertex.

Thus, Urus’s adventure begins. With his friend Goodwyn, their people’s greatest warrior, a mysterious orphaned girl name Cailix, and Murin, the ancient stranger who knows the most of about the Vertices, he sets out to stop a deadly group of sorcerers from destroying the five vertices that protect the world from destruction beyond imagining. Urus must learn to control his powers to stop the destruction of not only his world, but others beyond his.


Kevin Hoffman has written a novel that blends fantasy, science fiction, and steam punk. The character’s and their struggles are compelling as they struggle with choices and secrets from their past. The tale is a coming of age story for three of the four companions. Goodwyn, a warrior of the Kest, lethal on the battle field with a strong sense of honor. Cailix destined to be a powerful blood sorceress, must try to find her way without succumbing to evil of blood magic. Urus, a sigilord who is powerful enough to control space and time.

The magic system was compelling. Most of the explanations for how the magic system worked were well explained, though some were just a little too convenient. While I look forward to seeing the adventure continue, the cliff hanger ending didn’t quite satisfy.


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