Hidden by Megg Jensen @MeggJensen | kurtsprings1 #review #fantasy

18719280Author: Megg Jensen

Book: Hidden (Dragonlands #1)

Published: December 2013

Publisher: 80 Pages Inc.

Genre: Fantasy

Source: ebook



Eighty years before Tressa was born, a mysterious fog surrounded the village of Hutton’s Bridge. This was when Tressa’s adoptive grandmother, Sophia, was a young woman. The adults were gone and only the young remained. Since that day, three villagers were chosen each year to penetrate the fog, looking for answers. None returned

Tressa grew up with Sophia’s stories of the days before the fog fell. When Sophia dies, Tressa is left without a family. She vows to go into the fog and discover what magic holds Hutton’s Bridge captive and why. She doesn’t go alone. Bastian, a man she once wanted to marry, and Connor, another childhood friend, enter the fog with her. Once they brave the horrors of the fog and reach the other side, they find the fog is the least of their enemies.


Hidden is an interesting fantasy story. It interweaves magic, swords, and romance. The pacing, while slow at first, was well done for most of it. The ending battles were a little rushed and a little too easy. The dialog was stilted in places. The author skillfully screws up the tension as the fog is entered, and the suspense doesn’t disappoint. There was a major problem in much of the story where the text was center justified for some reason. This was very distracting and detracted from the over all experience (note: this may have just been my copy). There were no other editorial problems that jumped out at me. There were some details about the dragons should have been worked in. While not exactly a page turner, it was an enjoyable story.


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